Corporate headshots

I was on an assignment for 360 Business Tool where one of the was to do the portraits of the four leading figures in the company. So I had them all visit my studio for a headshot. And in my world as a photographer it’s most important to have an honest and trustworthy expression when you present your self online.

360 Business Tool is a company offering a CRM system that both keeps track of your customers, business , and your calendar. So basically your life.

Viking raid Tarragona

I’v been in Tarragona the last 14 days to photograph a 5 day adventure race (Viking Raid Tarragona) It was a stage race that took place in both Tarragona and the Montsant area. Montsant is located approximately one hour from Tarragona, and is a beautiful nature reserve. The race itself presented many challenges for the racers, one stage had a 23 km run in the mountains, and lots of mountain biking. Other stages had kayaking, and a lot of climbing activities.

So this race was both beautiful, magnificent and challenging for the racers and the crew who participated in it.

Adventure racing

I went to Tarragona to shoot an adventure race, Viking Raid Tarragona. A race only for Scandinavian racers. It was a stage race that lasted 5 days, and each day had new challenges. This race was also designed to show off some of the most beautiful places in and around Tarragona and Montsant.

One of the reasons I participated was what one of my best friends had organized the race, and that he’s actually the reason why I love this sport today. 


Anton's confirmation

I had the pleasure of being the photographer at Anton's confirmation in Køge Church. After the ceremony we went for a ride in a nice BMW convertible, where we drove to Vallø slot. Afterwards there was a party at Lucky Sushi in Køge, where the whole family gathered to celebrate the young man's entrance into adulthood.


After having Rikke from Zone4you in my studio for a headshot. She contacted me because she needed some new images for her website. iIt’s under construction and she wanted some new material. She specializes in reflexology, and is also offering massage and ear acupuncture. To her it’s very important that her clients feel comfortable when they visit her clinic, and she really needed the images to reflect that.

Production stills for Maefilm

Maefilm a local film production company here in Køge. They make everything from small commercials for major productions, and in a small production for Herfølge boldklub, they asked me to do some behind the scenes photos, so I followed them on the last part of their recordings at Herfølge stadium.


I had Heidi in the studio, she’s a physics teacher at Køge Gymnasium. But at the moment she’s looking for new challenges and she needed pictures for her CV and various social profiles like Linkedin, etc. She had a very cool and a little quirky personality, and she allowed that to shine through in a couple of the pictures.


I ran upon Rikke at a reception at Flindt Coiffure. She's a reflexologist, and during a conversation she found out I was a photographer. Her website was undergoing some reconstruction and she also needed a new headshot, so naturally I offered my services, and here are some of the results.


Tina has taken leave from her current job in the insurance business, so she can pursue her dream of becoming independent with the company levoptimalt. One of the steps was to get ome new headshots, and here are a few of the photos from that photo session, and as you can see in the last picture in the series, she was really happy that she had taken the final steps to become independent.


Helle is a trained laboratory technician, and over the last 14 years she has worked at Novo Nordisk. When she ended her emploiment, her main role was to optimizes workflow via LEAN management. Now she’s seeking new challenges and found out that she need her profil picture updated. And here are some of the results.

Portrait of Henrik

The first time i met Henrik was at a run for Hope Project during Køge Festuge, and the first thing I noticed about him was his very nordic look, the big red beard, and his very nordic inspired tattoos. 

And at the point in time I was doing a 52 week photo project, where one of the subjects was a faceless portrait, and one of the images displayed here ended up being a part of the project. 

Tilbud på portrætfotografering

Som nogle af jer allerede ved så sidder jeg i styregruppen i HOPE project (Læs mere om projektet her), en gruppe af frivillige som er i gang med at bygge en landsbyskole på Filippinerne. Derfor har jeg valgt at donere min arbejdskraft som fotograf, og du kan nu få lavet et professionelt profilbillede i mit studie her i Køge for kun 1600 kr. De 1600 kr indbetales som donation til projektet via mobilepay, eller netbankoverførsel når fotosessionen er afsluttet. Du vil dermed kunne få det fulde fradrag for det. Det er sku er godt tilbud :-)

Selve fotosessionen vare ca. 1-1,5 time, der vil blive skudt billeder på både sort og hvid baggrund, der vil være mulighed for tøjskift hvis du har noget forskelligt med. Der vil være et sted mellem 10-20 billeder at vælge imellem når de er færdigredigeret, og de vil være i både farve og sort/hvid. Og kaffe det skal vi altid have :-)

Tilbudet gælder til og med den 31 maj.

Så ønsker du at booke en fotosession allerede nu, så skriv en kommentar i opslaget her, eller send mig en privat besked :-)


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We are always online, and these days we need to look our best on all the different platforms we use, whether It's Facebook, Linkedin or Google. That's why It's important for e as a photographer to get the best out of the person in front of my camera, because I wanner create images that you want to use for a long time.


My friend Bjarne always had a special relationship with nature, and one of his passions is hunting. So one day i set up a photoshoot in the woods and studio, and this is some of results that came out of that day.